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Board of Directors

  • Laura Kaiser

    Laura S. Kaiser, 57, has served as a director since December 19, 2017. Ms. Kaiser has served as Chief Executive Officer of SSM Health since May 2017. Prior to SSM Health, Ms. Kaiser previously served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Intermountain Healthcare from March 2012 to April 2017. Prior to Intermountain Healthcare, Ms. Kaiser served in numerous leadership roles at Ascension Health. Ms. Kaiser holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Master of Business Administration and a Master in Healthcare Administration from Saint Louis University. Ms. Kaiser serves on our Compensation Committee. Ms. Kaiser’s experience as an executive at numerous healthcare companies qualifies her to be a member of our Board of Directors.

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  • Sanjay Vaswani

    Sanjay Vaswani, 58, is expected to join the Board in early February 2018 and has been nominated for election at the 2018 Annual Meeting.  Mr. Vaswani has been a managing partner of the Center for Corporate Innovation, Inc., a professional services firm focused on the technology and healthcare industries, since 1990. From 1987 to 1990 he was with McKinsey & Company. Prior to that, Mr. Vaswani was employed by Intel Corporation. Mr. Vaswani previously served as a director of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. from April 2004 until the sale of Brocade to Broadcom Ltd. in November 2017 and as a director at Blue Star Infotech Ltd. and Persistence Software, Inc. Mr. Vaswani received a B.B.A. degree from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.B.A. degree from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Vaswani’s leadership and prior board experience, together with his global perspective, corporate advisory and risk management experience qualifies him to be a member of our Board of Directors.

    • Bob Finocchio

      Robert J. Finocchio, 66, was appointed by the Board of Directors on April 29, 2015. Mr. Finocchio has been a Dean’s Executive Professor at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business since September 2000 and was a former chairman of its Board of Trustees. From July 1997 to September 2000, he served as Chairman of Informix Corporation and from July 1997 to July 1999, he served as its Chief Executive Officer and President where he led the reconstruction and return to growth and profitability of the enterprise database software company. From December 1988 to May 1997, Mr. Finocchio held several positions at 3Com Corporation, including President of 3Com Systems, Executive Vice President of Network Systems Operations and Executive Vice President of Field Operations. He also served in numerous executive and management roles at IBM, Rolm Corporation and Bank of America. Mr. Finocchio also serves on the boards of Broadcom Corporation (until February 2016), Echelon Corporation,, Silver Peak, Inc. and Vistage International. Mr. Finocchio serves as Chairman of our Audit Committee and serves on our Compensation Committee. Mr. Finocchio’s experience as chairman and chief executive officer of a technology company, executive leadership positions at various technology companies, and other board memberships qualifies him to be a member of our Board of Directors.

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    • Robert J. Frankenberg

      Robert J. Frankenberg, 70, has served as a director since March 13, 2000 and lead director since April 20, 2005. Mr. Frankenberg is owner of NetVentures, a management consulting firm. From December 1999 to July 2006, Mr. Frankenberg served as Chairman of Kinzan, Inc., an Internet Services software platform provider. From May 1997 to July 2000, Mr. Frankenberg served as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Encanto Networks, Inc., a developer of hardware and software designed to enable the creation of businesses on the Internet. From April 1994 to August 1996, Mr. Frankenberg was Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Novell, Inc., a producer of network and office software. Mr. Frankenberg is a director of Rubicon Project, Inc. Mr. Frankenberg also serves on several boards of privately held companies. Previously, Mr. Frankenberg served as a director of National Semiconductor, Electroglas, Inc., Extended Systems Incorporated, Polycom Inc., Secure Computing Inc., and Wave Systems, Inc. Mr. Frankenberg serves as Chairman of our Compensation Committees and also serves on our Audit Committee and Nominating & Governance Committee. Mr. Frankenberg’s experience as chairman, president and chief executive officer of numerous technology companies and his significant board experience (both with the Company and elsewhere) provides expertise in technology, business operations, corporate development, strategy, financial reporting, governance and board best practices.

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    • Bill Janeway

      William H. Janeway, 74, has served as a director since April 2004. Mr. Janeway is a Senior Advisor at Warburg Pincus LLC and has been employed by Warburg Pincus LLC since July 1988. Prior to joining Warburg Pincus LLC, Mr. Janeway served as Executive Vice President and a director at Eberstadt Fleming Inc. from 1979 to July 1988. Mr. Janeway is a director of several privately held companies. Mr. Janeway holds a B.A. from Princeton University and a Ph.D. from Cambridge University, where he studied as a Marshall Scholar. From 2004 through 2013 affiliates of Warburg Pincus owned more than 10% of the shares of the Company. Mr. Janeway serves as Chairman of our Nominating & Governance Committee. As a private equity investor, Mr. Janeway brings strategic insights and financial experience to the Board. He has evaluated, invested in and served as a board member on numerous companies and is familiar with a full range of corporate and board functions.

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    • Mark Laret

      Mark R. Laret, 63, has served as a director since June 3, 2010. Since April 2000, Mr. Laret has served as CEO of the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. Mr. Laret serves as a director of Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Mr. Laret earned a B.A. from UCLA and a master’s degree in political science from the University of Southern California. Mr. Laret serves on our Audit and our Nominating & Governance Committees. Mr. Laret’s corporate executive experience in the healthcare industry, his significant professional expertise and background in medical and technical issues qualifies him to be a member of our Board of Directors.

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    • Katharine A. Martin

      Katharine A. Martin, 55, has served as a director since December 17, 1999. Since September 1999, Ms. Martin has served as a Member of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Professional Corporation. Ms. Martin also serves on the board of directors of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, a Professional Corporation, the Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation, a nonprofit organization, The Gateway School, a nonprofit organization, WildAid, a nonprofit organization, and YMCA, of Silicon Valley, a nonprofit organization. Ms. Martin has thirty years’ experience practicing corporate and securities law, and has extensive experience representing public companies. Ms. Martin brings to the Board expertise in corporate governance, acquisitions, capital market transactions and securities law.

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      • Phil Quigley

        Philip J. Quigley, 75, has served as a director since the consummation of our acquisition of the former Nuance Communications, Inc. in September 2005, and was originally appointed to the Board in accordance with the terms of the Merger Agreement pursuant to which the Company acquired the former Nuance Communications, Inc. Mr. Quigley served as Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Telesis Group, a telecommunications holding company in San Francisco, California, from April 1994 until his retirement in December 1997. He also served as a director of Wells Fargo & Company from 1994 to April 2013. Mr. Quigley serves as an advisor or director to several private organizations. Mr. Quigley serves on our Compensation and Audit Committees. Mr. Quigley has extensive leadership and business management experience, which he acquired over a 30-year career in the telecommunications industry, including during that time as chairman, president and CEO of Pacific Telesis Group. Mr. Quigley’s experience at Pacific Telesis included mergers and acquisitions, and also provided him with extensive financial management experience.

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      • Paul Ricci

        Paul A. Ricci, 60, has served as our Chairman since March 2, 1999 and our Chief Executive Officer since August 21, 2000. From May 1992 to August 2000, Mr. Ricci held several positions at Xerox including, President, Desktop Systems Division, President, Software Solutions Division, and Vice President, Corporate Business Development. Between June 1997 and March 1999, Mr. Ricci served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nuance Communications, Inc. (formerly, ScanSoft Inc.), which was then operating as an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Xerox. Mr. Ricci’s leadership position at the Company, his management abilities and experience, and his extensive knowledge of our industry qualify him to serve as a member of our Board of Directors.

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